Build Your Tomorrow in The Gambia

Build your tomorrow. Invest in yourself today. Create your IN-US.World in The Gambia.

Take advantage of the great freedom and almost unlimited possibilities of our contacts, facilities and investments in the smallest African country.


The Gambia is the most beautiful, climatically and humanely friendly country in Africa. Legally secure, economically liberal and a peaceful home for all world religions.


We have been working and living here as a family, architects, entrepreneurs and business angels for more than 10 years.

We built up a local and international network and developed future-oriented projects. We actively connect entrepreneurs, new friends and business partners.


Do you have a business idea or are you investing in sustainable real estate projects? Do you think your future is in Bitcoin and the circular economy? Do you focus on sustainability in agriculture and tourism?


Then we would be happy to advise you on building exactly the tomorrow that is within you - here in The Gambia.

Kind regards, your architects at IN-US.World

Angelika Mitterer & Manuel Stofleth-Mitterer



IN-US.World builds unique architecture, 100% sustainable and completely self-sufficient. We plan, invest and manage real estate projects in prime beachfront locations for exceptionally high returns. Our properties are philosophies of life carved in stone that work from the inside out. Inspired by the Bauhaus Weimar, we plan holistically effective and energetically clean constructions. For living, working and relaxing to the highest standards in the best quality of life. 


The Gambia is Africa's most compact vacation destination. The "smiling coast" is a truly insider tip among world travelers. The British, Dutch, Belgians and French have been visiting this very well-developed tourist spot for decades. Evergreen, breathtaking landscapes, the Gambia River and the entire African animal world, tropical jungle and palm beaches, surfing and swimming in the clear Atlantic Ocean can be experienced here in one day. 


Ecological circular economy is the key to healthy living. We have long since given up many things in our “civilizations”. In The Gambia these are the great opportunities and agricultural opportunities. Rich soils, sufficient water and a climate that allows three harvests per year. In addition to the high returns, we also provide hundreds of jobs and a stable basic supply in The Gambia.



The Bitcoin Tower, with its 18 floors, is a one of a kind and the very highest building in the country. A landmark for freedom and the economical growth in The Gambia.

An apartment building in sunny Gambia as an international investment.



Agricultural project in development.




Modern and self-sufficient single-family houses - live in complete independence.

International Hostel-Project
in Tujereng - The Gambia  

Extravagant living and experience

in the natural palm forest.



IN-US.World - Build Tomorrow


The Bitcoin Tower K2


30 business apartments
15 upper floors
Green Investment

''The Edge'' at Kasumai-Resort


27 exclusive apartments

high returns

Green investment

Single-family homes in Sanyang


Live independently

3 expansion stages possible

Green investment


With our network, we show our investors plan B - a financially free life independent of location.

High returns through innovative and sustainable investment opportunities in a largely undiscovered country.

We offer a comprehensive all-round carefree package and together with our partners, we take care of all the tasks that arise on site.




Convince yourself of the many possibilities in our community.


We would be happy to advise you and find your own personal path to a new life, a worthwhile investment or a sustainable business in The Gambia.

Book your first personal consultation now for a sustainable future in peace and freedom on the smiling coast of Africa.


Warmest regards, your architect of the IN-US.World

Angelika Mitterer


Alexander Neubauer

"Professionalism and sustainability on a new level - we were enthusiastic about the country and the possibilities"

Anke Gillner

"On this journey you will meet people who really touch your heart - investments in a real land of dreams"

Thorsten Wittmann

"Gambia is a country with enormous potential - just right for sustainable investments"