We build the tomorrow that is inside us. For a better, sustainable and value-creating life in The Gambia. We build it for ourselves and all the people who are with us. With a sense of responsibility for our lives, our children and Mother Earth. We build individual growth and social prosperity on sustainable partnerships at all economic and social levels. For our individual self-fulfilment in freedom, independence and peace. We build the tomorrow that is inside each of us. The IN-US.World for our future in The Gambia.

THE Team

DI Angelika Mitterer

Architect. Real Estate Trustee. Pedagogue.

Ideas and inspiration are the basis of successful visions. Every project, every company needs its own history, which gives it its own identity. With creative means we create projects and investment opportunities with a lot of added value and thus turn our vision into reality step by step.


+220 211 42 51

+43 699/11 07 61 76 (WhatsApp)


DI Manuel Stofleth-Mitterer

Architect. Property Developer. Project Developer.

My passion is to develop different projects in advance and to check their profitability and return, so that construction projects and other investment opportunities ensure their goals and thus lead to lasting success for everyone involved.


+220 211 42 51

+43 699/18 11 35 43 (WhatsApp)


Michaela Christine Wolf MCIM

Consultant. Coach. Connector.

Let's get to work and transform companies and their employees from the inside out through coaching and consulting, network them and bring young talents together with suitable experts so that together we can make a sustainable contribution to positive social development.


+43 664 25 811 15

+44 7818 68 31 17 (WhatsApp)


Natascha Pollendinger

Grafic. Design.

The correct presentation of content and company values is of fundamental importance for us and our investors.


Natascha designs the design world of IN-US.World with a lot of heart and ensures perfect visual communication.


+43 699 171 989 05


Ole Pusch

Marketing. Brand. Communication.

Reach and communicative strength are the most important pillars of a successful marketing concept.

The online marketing agency OP - Business Partner supports the work of IN-US.World with innovative brand concepts both online and offline.

We effectively help shape the vision of The Gambia and ensure clear and global communication of values and project development.


+49 (0) 159 019 075 77