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We are pleased to provide you with a new construction site update on our Kasumai projects today!

Tile work can start very soon, as the tiler is currently carefully preparing the floor level. This precise work lays the foundation for a top-quality flooring that will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


At THE EDGE project, the garden wall is being redesigned with white Earthbricks, giving the entire property a modern and appealing look.

Last but not least, facade work is also progressing rapidly, shaping the external appearance of the building more and more.

Our groundbreaking construction project Bitcoin Tower K2 - The Gambia, developed in collaboration with Kasumai Real Estate and MASThave Architecture from Austria, will not only represent a striking landmark for the country but also embody a beacon of progress and innovation.


To comprehensively document and adequately capture the growth of this groundbreaking project, internationally renowned artist TIMESTAMP will create an exclusive digital NFT collection on the TEZOS blockchain throughout the entire construction process. At least six new artworks will be created monthly, forming a fascinating and artistically crafted storyline that captures the genesis of this innovation project. The genesis of this art series has already been created.



Communication between people plays a very important role in our projects.


We want to take into account all opinions and interests, work with the people here in The Gambia and build a strong, independent community.


International projects like the Bitcoin Tower K2 The Gambia are a perfect starting point for this.


Every first Monday of the month there is a Bitcoin meeting at Kasumai at half past four. Everyone is warmly invited to exchange ideas with us, discuss and become part of our growing community.


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